Volunteer in Grand Cayman, Blue Iguana

The Blue Iguana Recovery Program is making great strides towards saving the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi). At the heart of this success are the volunteers who contribute their time and effort season after season, working to save the most endangered iguana on Earth.

The Blue Iguana Recovery Program (BIRP) and the IRCF are currently offering opportunities for tough field volunteers, for a wide range of physical work mainly in the Salina Reserve, and the Colliers Wilderness Reserve on Grand Cayman.

We offer our international volunteers free shared accommodation, usually quite rustic, but with sheets and towels provided. There are basic cooking facilities and a fridge. Couples can often be roomed together, subject to occupancy patterns. Larger groups may be housed at different locations. Currently there is also a project work vehicle that can be driven by volunteers 23 years and older with a valid drivers license.

We expect all volunteers to give the well being of our iguanas their highest concern, and to accept guidance and instructions from the BIRP Director and appointed project team leaders as appropriate.

In 2011 onwards we expect to be working on protected area management, as much as on the Blue Iguanas themselves.

Depending on the season and progress in the many areas of the Programme’s work, we may be looking for a wide range of interests and skills, but in all cases, volunteering is likely to involve working in very harsh terrain and hot, humid conditions, so please consider your physical condition and your tolerance to discomfort, when deciding whether to apply.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please review the FAQ, Field Safety Manual, and Liability Release Waiver, then complete and submit the secure online volunteer application in its entirety. Please note that incomplete applications cannot be considered. We don’t typically book volunteers more than about 6 months ahead of arrival date, because work schedules can become rather unpredictable much further ahead.

Upon submission, your application will be processed, (usually within one to two weeks) and an automatic email acknowledgement will be sent to you. The Programme’s volunteer coordinator will then liaise with you by email and/or phone before your application is finalized and may be accepted.

An acceptance email will contain your logon and password information so that your registration can be completed. LODGING is LIMITED. To avoid conflict with other volunteers, your airline travel dates must match your volunteer work period as confirmed with our volunteer coordinator, unless you provided for alternate accommodations for any subsequent or prior period on Grand Cayman. Please advise us immediately of any changes in your travel plans.

IMPORTANT: The dates you select and agree with our volunteer coordinator are reserved but are not confirmed until your travel information has been entered in the registration form. We recommend you make flight reservations as soon as possible after acceptance, to avoid conflicts in travel dates that could affect your volunteer period since the program operates accommodations on a first-come-first-served basis.